Holding Hands

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Geoff Laughton shares the secret to a long-lasting relationship in his new book Built to Last: Designing & Maintaining A Passionate, Loving, and Lasting Relationship.

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As an additional "Thank you" for purchasing the book, I have provided several hours of bonus gifts that take concepts from different chapters in the book to an even deeper but practical level.

They include:

  • A worksheet that can be used to help you better set up your relationship design for success
  • An audio on questions to ask to see how compatible you’re likely to be with a prospective partner
  • A talk for men (& their partners) on how to be an evolved man that inspires himself and his partner
  • Key elements needed to have successful, preventative maintenance on your relationship in place; and a talk on how to get from happily ever after to true bliss in your relationship

A $1000 value!